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USISTD Exam and Medals Program Success
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Written by Wayne Crowder   
Jun 24, 2014 at 05:19 AM , Last Updated ( Aug 27, 2014 at 07:23 AM )

Congratulations to the following:

Jean Michell Erole Licentiate American 
New Jersey  Rhythm 
Colin Williams Student  International 
Wisconsin Teacher Ballroom 
Natalie Alanna Student  International 
New York Teacher Ballroom 
Alexandra Lyubchevskaya Student  International 
New York Teacher Ballroom 
Victoria Codru Student  International 
New York Teacher Ballroom 
Colin Williams Student  International 
Wisconsin Teacher Latin 
Natalie Alanna Student  International 
New York Teacher Latin 
Connie Reeves Associate International 
Wisconsin  Latin 
Joshua Brownlie Licentiate International 
Pennsylavania  Latin 
Mary Botta Licentiate Theater  
Maryland  Arts 
If your examination was taken close to, or after the Topline deadline,   
your success will be celebrated in the next issue.   



Deborah Gillitzer Lori Woods-Gay and Connie Reeves: Profession Silver American Rhythm Medal tests: 8/2/14 in WI.

Connie Reeves, Eric Guy, Lori Woods-Gay and Darlene Jones on August 2, 2014 in Milwaukee, WI


May 2014 Medals Brian Hendrickson, Mandy Ball, Lynn Unruh, Miriam Ellis, Jim Hardesty, Susan Spraker


May 2014 Medals Mandy Ball, Julia Golhofer, Joanne Jackson, Carla Hoskins, Miriam Ellis, Tom Huber, Judie Kemp, Melody Sweigert, Stuart Nichols.

Top Organizers and Trainers of 2012
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Written by Wayne Crowder   
Feb 28, 2013 at 06:59 AM , Last Updated ( Apr 01, 2013 at 07:10 AM )

Thank you very much to the Top Organizers and Trainers of 2012, and to all of our Organizers and Trainers,

for making 2012 a successful year.

Congratulations to the Top Organizers of Medal Tests in 2012:

Sandra Fortuna Universal DanceSport Center, NJ 1st 116 dances 2nd 56 medal tests
Sherry Novak Independent, CA                              2nd 106 dances 4th 39 medal tests
Kirill Gorjatsev/Daria Zotova Dance Factory, VA    3rd 93 dances 1st 65 medal tests
Chris Thompson Elegant Dancing, VA                   4th 76 dances 3rd 52 medal tests
Mandy Ball Independent, FL                                  5th 61 dances 6th 33 medal tests
Yolanda Vargas Infinity Dance Sport Center, CA   6th 58 dances 5th 34 medal tests

Congratulations to the Top Trainers of successful professional exam candidates in 2012:

Marci Edgington, UT 1st 9 candidates
Mandy Ball, FL 2nd 8 candidates
Phillip Stephens, TX 3rd 6 candidates
Lori Gay, NJ 4th 5 candidates
Daphne Cunliffe, NJ 5th 4 candidates
Esther Don, FL 5th 4 candidates

The Top Trainers for a given year are determined by totaling the Trainers listed after question #5 on the candidate’s Professional Examination form: “It is strongly recommended by the Society that you have been trained by a qualified trainer, and that they agree you are ready for this examination. By whom were you trained for this examination?” As a Trainer, please encourage your candidates to fill out this question fully. If your name is not listed, there is no record.


Mandy Ball
Examinations Director

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USISTD Standard Symposium
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Written by Lori Woods-Gay Examiner   
Jul 19, 2012 at 12:15 PM

Johnny Tang, June Lee, Stephanie Wang, Mark Lichtenberger, Matthew Harkins, Na Zhang, Ken Richards, Mary Botta, Tom Lucas, Susan Rollins, Val Hodgeman, Mary Pinizzotto, Vivian Beiswenger and single day attendees were not present for the photo. Seated in front Lori Woods-Gay with Bruno (the dog) who attended the entire event and was very well behaved.


The Symposium was a five day event, six hours per day, held in conjunction with the “Independence Day Ball Dance Camp” over the July 4th holiday at the Hilton Washington DC/ Rockville MD.  


During the course, a different dance was taught each day, covering most of the figures in the Bronze and Silver Syllabus and pointing out technical details of each step pattern including tips on what to study and how to present for an ISTD professional exam. 



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Would you like to learn to Dance
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Written by Wayne Crowder   
Jul 15, 2010 at 08:54 PM , Last Updated ( Feb 17, 2011 at 02:56 PM )

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